The Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford is pleased to announce as its 'Official Education Partner'. IMVBox collaborates with the Institute in film, culture and education. The purpose of the partnership is to give the opportunity to students to learn differently by watching Iranian movies online with English subtitles. Alongside their Persian classes, students will improve their command of Farsi and sharpen their knowledge of the Middle East and Iranian Cinema by watching Iranian movies on 

Boasting over 1000 streaming films, is the largest 'online cinematheque' and only legal platform for Iranian content. By showcasing a large selection of award-winning Iranian movies, including features, documentaries, shorts and plays, IMVBox aims to present the diversity, depth and richness of Iranian Cinema.

IMVBox's core mission is to “paint a true picture” of the Middle East. The IMVBox team believes that Middle Eastern Cinema is a powerful medium not only in its ability to emotionally and artistically move a large number of audiences but also in its ability to raise awareness about the realities and cultures of the Middle East. And in that respect, IMVBox shares many common values with educational institutions whose work and activities also actively contribute to shed light on that “Real Middle East” and Middle Eastern culture, which are often misrepresented in the media.

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